TVU Provides Remote Production Tech for South Korean Broadcaster

TVU Networks MBC
(Image credit: TVU Networks)

SHANGHAI—South Korea’s Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. (MBC) recently conducted a special COVID-19 broadcast, which utilized three integrated remote production technologies from TVU Networks to support it.

MBC’s live broadcast special addressing the pandemic called for 64 guests to participate live via remote locations, something that MBC’s broadcast facility was not equipped for. They also had to work with many different smartphones and rely on the public internet.

To meet these demands, MBC used TVU the Anywhere mobile broadcasting app, TVU Partyline cloud-based videoconferencing platform and TVU receivers. These technologies enabled MBC to support remote contribution, integrate live shots into the program and have real-time, interactive communications between hosts and guests.

Guests used the TVU Anywhere app through their smartphones and other digital devices, with MBC taking in and managing those shots through the TVU Receivers. The receivers fed their SDI output into the inputs of the broadcaster’s routing switcher. TVU Partyline, meanwhile, supported real-time, high-quality interactive HD video and audio.

“TVU Partyline, along with TVU Anywhere and TVU Receivers made it possible to overcome the distance separating everyone and the delays that you’d normally expect,” said Sang Dong Kim, production engineering department manager with MBC. “All of the guests and hosts could interact as if they were together in the studio, and viewers were spared the distraction of endless pauses due to technical limitations, so they could focus on the important information being conveyed about COVID-19.”

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