TVU Networks Supplies Gear for WGAL Remote Weather Broadcasts

TVU Networks WGAL
(Image credit: TVU Networks)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Like many in 2020, Joe Calhoun, NBC affiliate WGAL’s chief meteorologist, has to present the community of Lancaster, Pa., with their weather remotely from his home. A key tool for him to do so has been TVU Networks' TVU Grid platform.

TVU Grid is an IP-based point-to-multipoint live video distribution system that uses commodity internet to provide a remote weather broadcast with what TVU touts as studio functionality and capability.

WGAL was able to help Calhoun create a studio-like setup at his home with TVU Grid’s bi-directional feature. The station set up a green screen with graphics and pushed it from master control to Calhoun’s home for presentation while providing video content from his home back to the studio. This was done with HD video and low-latency.

“The pandemic forced us to start thinking outside the box when it came to remote work,” said Kevin Kalia, director of engineering at WGAL. “The secret was sending a broadcast-quality feed of Joe’s weather graphics to him, keying his shot with a switcher at his location and then sending a program feed back to the station—all with TVU. The whole process was seamless.”

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