TV's Transition to an All-IP Future: Why it's a Big Deal

LAS VEGAS—Experts from Fox, Disney and the vendor community will come together at NAB to discuss a dynamic that promises to change the television industry more than any other—the transition to IP-based technology.

On Tuesday, April 14 at 10:30 a.m. in LVCC meeting room S222, Clyde Smith of Fox, Vince Roberts of Disney, Charlie Vogt of Imagine Communications, Paul Shen of TVU Networks and Al Kovalick, a well-known industry consultant, will discuss “TV’s Transition to an ALL-IP Future: Why it’s a Big Deal.”

Together, these panelists hold three SMPTE Fellowships, 10 patents and a David Sarnoff Gold Medal, among many other achievements. They will talk about the actual and potential capability of an IP-based smart media architecture ​and describe the most practical and useful adoption path to creating one.

The panel will be moderated by TV Technology Executive Editor Deborah D. McAdams.

The advance of adopting a complete IP-based workflow is redefining the world’s media distribution infrastructure, enabling the immediate availability and consumption of content, including all of its social media and mobile elements, which can be more tightly linked—and measured—in this architecture.

This dynamic completely alters the business proposition of media centers in new ways, with faster and far less expensive deployments of new services across new platforms—the new normal.

Consider smart watches and glasses, etc., each a vertical of maybe a few hundred device profiles, all of which must be accommodated. A smart network architecture is essential to do so.

The IP transition can provide a “smart” architecture that can be continually programmed to respond, adapt and accommodate demands that a forklift overhaul requires with currently used baseband technology.