T-VIPS Provides Primary Transport System for Austrian Terrestrial Network

T-VIPS AS, has announced that its solutions have been selected to distribute DVB-T for Austria's terrestrial network. Following the award of a contract by ORS, T-VIPS has provided a system which initially distributes and controls video from several main transmitter stations to seven smaller transmitter towers to extend the SFN network. The T-VIPS equipment was delivered through ETAS, T-VIPS' business partner in Austria. ORS is an affiliate of ORF, the country's largest media company.

The T-VIPS system comprises of a TVG420 Video Gateway, CP540 TS Monitoring Switch and the T-VIPS Connect Management System. The terrestrial multiplexes are distributed from the playout center over a strong meshed ATM network consisting of stm-1 fiber and radio links to the main transmitter stations, and a CP540 is used to select the better DVB-T stream between the two outputs of the ATM network. The switch output is distributed to a pair of 1+1 TVG420s Tx for ASI to IP conversion where the signal is fed over a 100BT Ethernet Microwave Radio link to further transmitters sites. A pair of TVG420 Rx receives the DVB-T streams via multicast for IP to ASI conversion. The output is feeding the A and the B input of the DVB-T modulator. All TV420 Rx are equipped with a unique T-VIPS SFN synchronization module to ensure that the ASI output stays unaffected by IP jitter variations and meets the strong requirements of SFN networks.

"The results of extensive trials assured us that the advanced Forward Error Correction of the T-VIPS video transport solutions exceed our required QoS levels no matter how bad the weather conditions where the microwave link was operating," says Norbert Grill, CTO, ORS. "The fact that T-VIPS has unique experience and expertise in providing re-sync solutions for single frequency network operation was an important extra benefit."

"We were delighted to work closely alongside our Austrian business partners ETAS to ensure that ORS deployed a reliable, robust end-to-end distribution system that will exceed ORF's QoS requirements," says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. "This contract is the latest win for T-VIPS in DVB-T content distribution, further establishing our solutions as the market leader in the fast growing field of IP distribution for digital terrestrial."