TVB Tech Alert: Portable 3.5-inch LCD Digital TV Bowed

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIF.: Innovative DTV, a stateside company that manages U.S. sales for a Korean electronics manufacturer, is hawking a new handheld digital TV. However, the 3.5-inch LCD model is billed as “portable” rather than “mobile,” i.e., it receives ATSC digital TV signals rather than the mobile format, ATSC M/H.

The $100 MYGoTV model features an LCD screen, ATSC/NTSC tuners, built-in speakers and headphone jack. It’s powered by easy-to-find AA batteries, for up to two hours of playback, Innovative says. The company sells through the Home Shopping Network.

“Every time MYGOTV has shown in HSN, it has been sold out. HSN will air MYGOTV 3.5-inch during Thanksgiving season,” Innovative said in a press release. The assertion implies that MyGoTV has up to four types of ATSC M/H receivers in the market. A 3.5-inch “Mobile DTV/FM Radio” for $149; a 33.5-inch “Mobile DTV” for $110; a 7-inch “Mobile DTV” for $170; and a “Mobile DTV Car Tuner” listed for $100 are all said to be “sold out.” No specs are given on any of the products labeled “Mobile DTV.”

The first consumer Mobile DTV receiver confirmed to decode ATSC M/H/ signals came on the market in mid-October. The DP570MH, a combination receiver/DVD player from LG, became available at Amazon for $223.21. A source familiar with the Mobile DTV initiative is looking into the MyGoTV models. -- Deborah D. McAdams

October 11, 2010
: “LG’s Becomes First Mobile DTV Receiver on the Market”
The DP570MH has a 7-inch QVGA display with 480 x 284 resolution, an integrated DVD player, stereo speakers and remote control. It measure 9-by-5-by-2 inches and weighs seven pounds.