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TVB Tech Alert: Pocket TV Down Under

NORTH RYDE, AUSTRALIA: A company by the name of “Laser Corp.” has released a line of what they are describing as handheld digital TVs. The line includes three devices with built-in antennas and 3.5-inch screens.

“This is the first product of its kind to hit Australian shores, a digital video broadcasting--terrestrial (DVB-T) pocket-sized TV that allows users to watch digital TV anywhere, anytime,” Laser Corp. says in its product announcement, suggesting the devices are not technically mobile DTV receivers capable of decoding DVB-H.

The DVBT-C30 Classic C30, the DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus and the DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch are said to be able to pick up the main broadcast channels as well as “digital-specific” channels; they sport an FM receiver, an electronic program guide and a channel scanner.

The devices run from around US$135 for the Classic, which Laser says can double as a set-top box; to US$180 for the Multimedia Plus and US$208 for the Slim Touch.