TV2 Hungary leverages newscast automation for greater efficiency, accuracy

TV2 Hungary is placing Mosart newscast automation at the heart of its new broadcast studio.

TV2 Hungary went live with Mosart in January in conjunction with the launch of the new facility. TV2 is taking advantage of the system's ability to integrate with almost all studio devices, without requiring the network to be tied to any manufacturer's hardware.

"With Mosart we're able to produce news and features with fewer people in the control room and streamline our production processes — resulting in a better-quality newscast with fewer human errors," said Laszlo Szilagyi, head of TV2's technical department. "The system's advanced handling of macros, sequences, loops and continue-points greatly simplifies automation setup, enabling our news director to program once and then proceed through multiple events and effects."

Mosart delivers news as-run information to Web publishing platforms, continuity control or media asset management (MAM) systems.

The TV2 Hungary studio was implemented by Somos Broadcast Media, a systems integrator and reseller serving the Hungarian broadcast market.