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TV Study Finds HD Confusion and TelcoTV Interest

A study from Horowitz Associates indicates that consumer confusion over hi-def television continues. According to a release from the Larchmont, N.Y. research firm, "even after a detailed description of each service, consumers without an HDTV set" said they had high-definition service from their cable or DBS provider. The firm surveyed 800 DBS and cable households, and among respondents, Horowitz said a "considerable percentage of satellite subscribers" thought they had on-demand service.

Among other findings, the "State of Digital and Interactive Television 2005" study found that more than 37 percent of cable and satellite subscribers would consider switching to telcoTV if the price was right. The survey indicated that the highest potential switchers were digital cable subscribers, 42 percent of whom said they'd check out telcoTV. Thirty-five percent of analog subscribers said they'd consider switching, while 34 percent of DBS subs said they'd give it a go as well.