TV stations in New York City get DTV extensions

The FCC has extended construction deadlines for digital television facilities for more than 100 New York City area television stations.

Originally, construction deadlines for WNBC-TV, WABC-TV, WCBS-TV and the local Fox affiliates were July 1, 2005, but due to unique difficulties in the New York area, including the 2001 World Trade Center attack, the stations received more time for the digital upgrade.

The FCC granted six-month construction extensions to 107 stations, including New York City’s WNBC. The commission granted a deadline of Feb. 17, 2009, for 33 stations. Twenty-nine stations, including WABC, will transmit on a channel different from their current DTV location after the analog TV shutoff deadline.

The FCC warned that further construction extensions might be difficult to obtain.