TV Markíza's New HD File-based Platform

Slovakian privately-owned television station TV Markíza has purchased a number of MicroVideo INS-VPS (VBI) inserters and HDS 201s bypass switches as key elements of its new HD file-based transmission platform.

Owned by Central European Media Enterprises (CME), the TV Markíza installation was carried out by UK-based systems integrator TSL. TV Markíza specified MicroVideo as a technical requirement of the new transmission platform following successful installations at its sister stations Pro-TV (Romania) and TV Nova (Czech Republic).

TV Markíza has installed eight Microvideo INS-VPS inserters fitted with an optional analogue data input. This dual purpose solution allows the broadcaster to insert teletext as well as VPS data with a single unit. VPS signaling can be used to carry information regarding the program source, station ident, VTR control, audio soundtrack and parental control. The MicroVideo inserters enable this essential data, such as information regarding the presence of multiple language audio, to be transmitted with the video.

The HDS 201s seamless 2x1 switches are being used by TV Markíza to provide means of switching to a back-up feed without causing disturbance to the picture. Each switch can cater for up to one frame (HD or SD) timing difference between its two inputs while maintaining a clean output when switched in either direction. TV Markíza is using six HDS 201s switches prior to transmission in conjunction with MicroVideo's remote panel (REM-ESW), providing straightforward operation in the master control room.