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TV Azteca Expands DTV Network With Jampro Antennas

Sacramento-based Jampro Antennas Inc. announced that TV Azteca contracted three Jampro DTV antenna systems – two Jampro PROSTAR broadband UHF slot antennas, designed to combine several UHF channels over a segment of the UHF bands IV / V, and a Jampro JHD broadband VHF panel antenna. The order enables TV Azteca to expand its number of DTV channels to 15, all incorporating Jampro antennas, combiners, mask filters, antenna switch frames and Jampro’s Proline transmission line.

TV Azteca, headquartered in Mexico City, is owned by Television Azteca S.A. de C.V. The network has national coverage throughout Mexico and is also available in parts of the southern United States. Its subsidiary, Azteca America, is the fastest growing television network in the United Sates. Earlier this year, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approved Azteca 13 as a third-language channel to broadcast via digital paid TV throughout Canada. The network also operates Azteca 13 Internacional, which reaches 13 countries in Central and South America.