Turner Studios Selects LYNX Technik Interface

WEITERSTADT, GERMANY: Turner Studios has upgraded its Atlanta, Ga., facilities with a LYNX Technik fiber platform for distributing HD video over 204 single-mode fiber I/O paths to four of their six studios. As part of the project to expand video continuity, Turner Studios deployed 102 LYNX Technik yellobrik dual-channel receivers and transmitters that accept uncompressed digital 3Gb HD-SDI signals. The HD-SDI signals are transmitted over single-mode fiber into a central wideband video routing system.

The project required 92 ORR 1802 dual 3Gb fiber to SDI receivers and 10 OTT 1812 dual 3Gb SDI to fiber transmitters. The LYNX fiber infrastructure is supporting four studios that are used for the production of NBA TV, NBA on TNT, and Turner Classic Movies.

In these studios the equipment is located in close proximity to the studio set areas, which meant that the equipment has to be extremely quiet without any fan noise. Another prerequisite was that the fiber transmission equipment be mounted in a compact rack frame with a common power source and redundant power supplies.

Turner installed a card configuration of over 50 LYNX Series 5000 rack-and-card-based fiber interfaces in its control room for fiber transmission monitoring. All cards are IP addressable and accessible by Turner Studio’s utility LAN via the LYNX APPolo control system. APPolo software provides Turner with SNMP status monitoring and error reporting of all existing and future interfaces cards.