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Turner Now Using Tektronix Cerify System

Atlanta-based Turner Entertainment Networks (TEN) has implemented the Tektronix Cerify system for automatically verifying the quality of file-based compressed video and audio content.

“TEN has now implemented a dozen Cerify systems to support our several broadcast properties such as TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, and Court TV,” said Naveed Aslam, TEN Network Operations senior director of broadcast technology and engineering. “In the analog world it was relatively easy to find a drop in audio or hits in the video. This is a much more difficult proposition in a compressed file-based domain. Cerify is able to quickly find problems automatically based upon the parameters we specify so that we can maintain our high-quality broadcast output.”

The Cerify installation at TEN was integrated with the operation’s Morpheus Quality Control Manager system from Pro-Bel. They were combined to provide seamless management of content ingest and asset transfer within the TEN workflow.

The overall system allows a status overview of ingested files and enables operators to view file details and isolate quality problems down to individual audio and video frames.