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Turner Adds New Calrec Console

Calrec Audio recently announced that Turner Studio Productions has installed a 72-fader Calrec Alpha audio console in its TS-1 53-foot expand high-definition mobile production facility. This latest installation follows that of a previous Calrec Alpha console addition to another Turner Studio Productions truck last year.

“The main reason we like the Calrec console is that it's familiar to so many A1s,” said Terry (Poz) Posmer, senior audio design engineer for Turner Studios field operations unit. “They step into the truck, and all they have to do is figure out the signal routing, which shortens the learning curve dramatically.”

The latest Calrec console replaced an earlier digital console from another manufacturer that lacked processing power and feature sets available with the Calrec unit. The Alpha console features Bluefin high density signal processing and is capable of 480 full-features channel processing paths. The Turner console is equipped with 128 mic and 144 AES inputs, and boasts 144 AES outputs.