True Life Cinema Shoots With Thales Angenieux

True Life Cinema, a New York City-based production company, shoots their video with a 12 x 5.3 Wide Super Zoom Lens from Thales Angenieux. Part of the High Resolution (HR) Series, the lens features Thales Angenieux's Assisted Internal Focus (AIF) technology and the glass has an electron beam coating.

The optics deliver increased resolution with minimal flare and ghosting to produce images with contrast and accurate color reproduction. The 12 x 5.3 combines the F5.3 wide-angle capability with a 12X zoom range of F5.3 to F64mm, which can be extended to F128mm with the use of a standard 2X range extender. The lens has an aperture of F1.7.

HR series lenses are compatible with 2/3-inch, digital 16:9 format cameras.