Triveni Digital, Harris team to create content creation and delivery system

Triveni Digital has integrated its SkyScraper content distribution platform with the InfoCaster digital signage system from Harris. The resulting solution is optimized for government and military content distribution applications. Together, the two products provide an end-to-end solution for content creation and multicast delivery.

SkyScraper's content distribution enables the delivery of any type of digital content, including files, streaming media and IP packets. The system assures reliable delivery with forward error correction and receiver acknowledgements, and its encryption option provides the security necessary for government and military use. With a scalable and easily extensible design, the SkyScraper system can be scaled to meet the growing demand for delivery of content over various broadcast media.

The Harris InfoCaster system allows users to create content featuring a range of graphics and textual elements, video and layouts. In this product integration, the system sits on top of SkyScraper, using its broadcast capabilities to provide that content to different areas of the armed forces divisions or bases. With a display on either end, this solution provides a comprehensive solution for secure, point-to-multipoint distribution of critical content and information.

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