Triple-digit zoom lens helps HDNet capture Atlantis liftoff

An array of Canon HD lenses enabled the 24-hour all-high definition TV network HDNet to take viewers where few have gone before to witness the Sept. 9 launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

HDNet, transmitting in 1080i HDTV to a wide range of cable and satellite TV providers, relied on the triple-digit zoom capabilities of the Canon DIGISUPER 100xs HD lens, as well as the HD optics of the Canon DIGISUPER 86xs and DIGISUPER 75xs long field HD lenses to ensure that the full power of the launch of the space shuttle was dramatically conveyed to viewers.

Capable of a 1860mm focal length and equipped with Canon’s Shift-IS Image Stabilization technology, the DIGISUPER 100xs lens is charged with the special mission of tracking space shuttles as they accelerate upward for at least 176,000ft, or 33mi.

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