Tribune combines WSFL-TV, ‘Sun-Sentinel’ operations

WSFL-TV, the Tribune-owned CW affiliate in Miami, and the company’s Ft. Lauderdale, FL-based “Sun-Sentinel” newspaper will combine their broadcast, interactive and newspaper operations under a single roof, the Tribune Company said last week.

Calling the strategy “unprecedented” for a major U.S. market, “Sun-Sentinel” president and publisher Howard Greenberg said the move would allow the print, broadcast and interactive operations to work together to develop content and programming.

The combined operations also will give advertisers an efficient way “to reach more people with a consistent message,” he said.

The strategy calls for the “Sun-Sentinel” to become a new source of content for WSFL’s on-air and online programming needs.

WSFL will move into existing space at the “Sun-Sentinel” offices in Ft. Lauderdale. Greenberg will retain his publishing duties and also become general manager of WSFL. Allyson Meyers will return as station manager of WSFL. She left the station one year ago to become general manager of WCWJ-TV in Jacksonville, FL.