Total RF Acquires InnovaSON's Mixing Console for Mobile Unit

Total RF has selected the InnovaSON Sy4-8 digital mixing console to use in the audio room of its new 53-foot RF6. The new truck is being used for NBC's golf coverage.

"Unlike the normal production truck all the RF comes into our truck, where we perform the QC, test and switching of ingoing or outgoing video or audio, P/Ls, and IFBs, then hand that over to the production truck," said Steve Gansky, owner of Bensalem, Pa.-based Total RF. "There's such a reliance on RF in golf coverage that we have a mobile unit just to do that."

Engineer Bob DeLong likes the clean output. "Our normal noise floor for doing golf, our ambient operation level, is about -20dB. But that's on the course if we put up an air mic or a birdie mic. In contrast, the noise floor on the InnovaSON is in the range of -60dB. And -70dB isn't unusual," Delong said.

DeLong also said that the mixing console saves him time. "I've been able to set patterns for the next year's shows. One pattern will probably do 80 percent of the shows, so instead of spending time developing a layout for the show, the InnovaSON has given me the flexibility and the luxury of already having it there. So I can get on with the fine-tuning," he said.