Toshiba Unveiling New DLP Models

Toshiba recently detailed the last of its 2006 line up of new DLP sets, with all nine models expected on store shelves in North America and Asia by the end of August.

The HD projection units will come in 720p and 1080p, with the 720p models relying on chips from Texas Instruments, which Toshiba believes provides images with deeper contrast and brightness levels. Two of the 720p models (50HM66 and 56HM66) come with a "sound strip" speaker configuration that affords a modernistic compact design.

All new DLP models also come with ATSC/QAM digital tuning for reception of both digital terrestrial broadcast and digital cable, as well as dual HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs. Units 50 inches and larger include CableCard slots for digital cable and RJ-45 network capability. This will permit connections between receivers and computers, and the playback of MP3 audio files and JPEG pictures.

At the 1080p level, four Toshiba models will come with aperture control, picture-over-picture and TV Guide's electronic program guide. Two "Cinema Series" 1080p models will offer PC inputs and Virtual Dolby Digital.