Toshiba to unveil TV-capable laptop

Toshiba plans to introduce this week a new laptop computer that allows users to watch TV on it without having to boot up the computer’s Windows operating system — the first in what analysts say will be a new generation of multimedia notebooks.

Called Qosmio, (koss-me-oh), it will be Toshiba’s first laptop to fully integrate audio and video features, including a bright, near TV-quality display, DVD drive, TV tuner and enhanced speakers. A user could click on the TV with the laptop’s remote control or watch a DVD movie without having to go through the time-consuming boot process.

If users want to pause live TV or record TV shows onto the hard disk, they’ll need to do so with the Windows software.

A 15-inch model will be available in August. The exact price has yet to be determined but will be about $2,500. Wide-screen models are planned for later.

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