Toshiba to Offer Glasses-Free 3DTV By End of the Year

Reports out of Japan indicate that Toshiba is ready to debut new 3DTVs that don’t require special glasses for viewing.

The Yomiuri Shimbun said the company, which offered a hint of its glasses-free 3D displays as much as a year ago when it showcased an "integral imaging system" at SID Display 2009, will launch three new models. The displays will allow viewers to view 3D at multiple angles. It’s anticipated that they will make their major debut for the public in the United States at the 2011 CES in Las Vegas in January. AFP has more here.

Meanwhile, Sony also this week said that it is "working on" developing glasses free 3DTV but said that the company "must take account of pricing before we can think about when to start offering them." Washington Post has more here.