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TNDV Saddled Up the Tech for ‘Road to the Horse’

NASHVILLE, TENN.—TNDV is acquiring some strong horse sense when it comes to the production needs for the annual “Road to the Horse” competition. Partnering for the 10th straight year on the production, TNDV helped capture and broadcast the competition to those in attendance and through a live webcast and on TV.

“Road to the Horse” is a three-day competition that sees contestants try to tame and then ride colts that had never been ridden before. This year’s competition was an all-female affair amongst the contestants.

For coverage of the event, TNDV used a complement of HD gear, including Hitachi Z-HD5000 cameras, the Soundcraft Vi3000 console for mixing multiple audio channels and recording through a ProTools HDX and a Sound Devices Pix270 recorder. Each contestant was also outfitted with a Shure UHFR wireless lavalier mic.

TNDV is a broadcast and live production company based in Nashville, Tenn.