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TNDV Adds 10 Hitachi Cameras

Hitachi has announced that TNDV, a Nashville-based video production and services firm, is equipping its newest high-definition video truck with 10 Hitachi Z-HD5000 multiformat cameras and associated fiber-based CCUs.

“We’re outfitting our new 40-foot expando HD truck with a complement of Hitachi Z-HD5000 cameras to dramatically expand our HDTV production capabilities,” said Nic Dugger, president and owner of TNDV Television, and also engineer-in-charge of TNDV productions. “We chose this camera because it satisfies our high-end customers’ demands for excellent HDTV picture quality, reliable performance, and feature-rich functionality,”

TNDV is already the owner of several other Hitachi camera products, including Z-HD5000 HDs and Z4000Ws. The new vehicle is currently being constructed and is designed for large remove events including concerts and awards shows requiring multiple camera configurations. The company has two SDTV trucks and also provides SD and HD flypack video pickup services.