TiVo Launches Universal Swivel Search

TiVo, the digital video recorder pioneer in Alviso, Calif., rolled out a new search method for its expanding lineup of services. The so-called "universal Swivel Search" links similar programs based on, for example, the same actors, plot elements or viewer feedback. The broadband-based service sifts through regular TV programming as well as TiVo's branded offerings, TiVoCast and Amazon Unbox on TiVo.

For example, a fan of "Wagon Train" could click on Ward Bond's name and find anything else playing starring John Wayne's high school chum, like "Gone with the Wind" or "Joan of Arc."

"A consumer has on average 200 channels of programming through digital cable, which adds up to over 30,000 hours of programming every week," said Jim Denney, vice president of product marketing at TiVo. That translates into one big bucket of TV content to search through.

The service is available for download to broadband-connected Series2 and Series3 subscribers, according to TiVo.