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Tiny Market WBOC-TV Goes Local HD

Conversion to local HD for news, sports and other programming seems to be coming chiefly in the major, large and medium markets—but WBOC-TV (Nielsen DMA. no. 147) has helped alter that perception a bit. The CBS affiliate in Salisbury, Md., has ramped up its new digital facilities (dubbed “Newsplex”) for local HD newscasts and public affairs, according to the Web site

The new 11,000 square-foot facility for the small-market broadcaster, among other things, boasts a new set featuring a rotating anchor desk and a robotic camera, a new newsroom with weather center and digital editing suite, and a new control room.

The initial concept of the $13 million center came about four years ago, first drawn on a napkin by WBOC-TV News Director John Dearing.