TimeShift Summit debuts at NAB New York

“TimeShift of On-Demand Advertising Models,” a one-day seminar produced by NAB New York in partnership with iHollywood Forum, will be held Wednesday, Oct. 25, at the Javits Convention Center in New York.

Digital technologies and an on-demand world are changing business models for how TV advertisers target, influence and compete for consumers. As the boundaries between TV, Internet and mobile platforms merge, advertisers face new challenges in trying to reach their consumers.

The TimeShift Summit will scrutinize new advertising solutions and business models, view data from consumer response and predict industry growth patterns and trends. Some of the questions the Timeshift Summit will raise include:

  • How will media owners, broadcasters and advertisers adapt and thrive in the face of digital technologies?
  • What is the impact of broadband on present and evolving business models for broadcasting and traditional advertising strategies?
  • How will your company benefit from new forms of digital and mobile distribution for advertising?
  • How can traditional media compete with instant access to news and data on the Internet and mobile phones?
  • What is the impact of user-generated media on corporate product content?
  • Which new advertising models are most successful and what new types of partnerships or alliances are forming?
  • What is the impact of broadband on present and evolving business models for broadcasting?

Panel topics will include:

  • The death of the 30-second slot,
  • Making an impact,
  • Brands and high-tech community,
  • Exploiting podcasts and videocasts,
  • Creating personalized content,
  • Integrated marketing searching for broadcasters and more.

NAB New York's flagship conference offering, NAB Post|Production Conference New York, will train content creators in cutting-edge production and post-production techniques. Future Media Concepts will also organize a concurrent Podcasting Summit and a digital photography conference. NAB New York's exhibition will showcase the latest content creation technologies from more than 90 companies.

For more information, go to www.nabnewyork.com, www.ihollywoodforum.com and www.FMCtraining.com.