Time Warner News Channel Implements Dalet and Omneon Technology

Time Warner’s flagship New York-based news channel, NY1 News, has selected Dalet’s News Suite and Omneon media servers to provide streamlining operations and providing multi-platform distribution.

The news service covers New York City’s five boroughs and is known for combining advanced techniques for news delivery with video journalism.

“We want to be on the forefront of advanced newsroom technologies and Dalet is bringing something very interesting to the table in this regards,” said Joe Truncale, vice president of operations and engineering at NY1. “They are giving us a phenomenally agile system that goes very deep with metadata management and just as wide with production capabilities. No separate pools of information, no clunky workarounds--one smooth process from field to broadcast to archive and back again.”

Dalet’s News Suite, along with Panasonic P2 capture and storage technology and Omneon’s MediaGrid and Spectrum server products will add together to provide NY1 with an extremely advanced newsgathering and production facility. The package will also provide the news channel with the capability for distribution for cable television, Internet and eventually mobile television services.