Tightrope Media Systems offers off-the-shelf approach to replay systems

Tightrope Media Systems is now offering its Zeplay, a new broadcast multichannel replay platform that’s available in two models, the Zeplay 8440HD and 8440SD. Both models are eight-channel servers with four inputs and outputs and support video resolutions from 480i SD to 720p and 1080i as well as all international frame rates.

Key features include four inputs and four outputs, 160 hours of HD recording time (40 hours per channel), independent control of every output channel, built-in multiviewer, frame-blended slow motion and a dedicated controller. The controller features a T-bar that allows users to play a clip at +/-200 percent speed and a jog/shuttle wheel with magnetic stops for tactile control.

The system’s software interface allows operators to customize and save their layouts for a more optimized workflow. Its multiviewer displays all four inputs and outputs simultaneously on the same monitor, and the play bar allows users to view the game's timeline much like an NLE system. All plays can be tagged and stored in the playlist for instant retrieval and playback.

The Zeplay server features redundant power, RAID protection for both video and system drives, a video engine and Zeplay application that has thousands of lines of code designed to protect it from the little things that might go wrong in production, like bad sync on a camera.

JJ Parker, Tightrope's co-founder and CTO, said Zeplay represents “a new approach to broadcast replays.” It uses broadcast-quality parts on the video side and standard IT server hardware.

“We have got big plans for Zeplay and we are already hard at work on new innovations that we are excited about,” Parker said. “These upgrades will be included through software enhancements that will be a part of the maintenance program, which is free for the entire first year of ownership.”

Of the two new models, the 8440SD is field-upgradeable to HD. Prices start at around $48,000. There is even upgrade pricing available to those who have an existing server-based replay system that they're looking to replace.