The Golf Channel upgrades facility with new SSL board

The Golf Channel has completed construction and equipment installation on a complete digital upgrade to its new digital facility in Orlando, Fla. The rebuild includes a Solid State Logic C100 digital audio console to handle audio for a variety of live-to-tape and live-to-air programs.

The Golf Channel will install a new Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast Console in its Orlando, Fla. studio. The C100 is a small footprint, assignable console, specifically designed for on-air studio applications. (Pictured l-r) are Mark Coleman, senior vice president of operations and new technology, and Andy Murphy, vice president of network operations.

The new C100, introduced at NAB2003, is one of two new SSL digital consoles specifically designed to address the mission-critical on-air needs of program producers.

At The Golf Channel, the C100 serves as a replacement for an existing analog board. It provides the ability to convert analog sources to digital within the board, thereby greatly reducing the need for ancillary equipment, according to Andy Murphy, vice president of network operations for The Golf Channel.

Erv Vanags, director of engineering and operations for The Golf Channel, said that the control and routing features on the C100 will help streamline The Golf Channel’s production schedule.

“Many times we have back-to-back productions that require different setups,” he said. “The C100’s ability to memorize a particular setup for a show, or even for an individual fits our production model to a tee. Our shows are constantly changing in terms of on-air talent, so the speed that the C100 offers for changes is very important.”

At the heart of a C100 console is SSL’s Centuri technology, designed for live use with robust hardware construction and a fault-tolerant design. The compact, integrated frame makes it ideal for studio and mobile installations where space and weight are at a premium. The C100 features a unique signal processing architecture where the processing is dedicated to every channel, so there’s no need to assign resources at the start of a show setup.

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