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The Early Television Foundation to host convention

The Early Television Foundation will host its third annual “early TV Convention” on April 29 – May 1, at its Museum in Hilliard, OH.

Located at 5396 Franklin St., in Hilliard, the convention will feature many historic examples of early television sets and recording devices.

Presentations will include:

  • A 441-line mechanical scanner, and magnetic tape sound recording used in German television from 1938-1945;
  • A vintage TV collection from France;
  • A session on the history of television in Italy, circa 1926-1939;
  • A presentation - “Adding Sight to Sound in Stalin's Russia: RCA and the Transfer of Television Technology to the Soviet Union.”

Also included will be comprehensive discussions: “Dot Sequential Color;” “100 years of Test Patterns & China Dolls;” “Hot To Build an Iconoscope;” “A State-of-the-Art TV Standards Converter;” and “TV Camera tubes and their development.”

A flea market, auction, and a tour (and demonstration) of the museum’s extensive collection will also be featured. Attendees will also get to see working models of the following TV sets:

  • 1928 Daven TV receiver and Western Visionette
  • Western Empire State lens disk set
  • HMV 905 set
  • Murphy A58V set
  • Cossor 1210 set
  • DuMont Clifton set
  • Capehart CXC-12 color set

For more information, contact Steve McVoy at, or John Pinckney at

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