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Thales Electron Devices rolls out new products dedicated to UHF amplification

The TH 792 IOT will be shown at NAB2004.

Thales Electron Devices will unveil its new IOT, available in both standard and depressed-collector versions.

The TH 792 and TH 792 CD IOTs deliver 84 kW NTSC and 35 kW 8VSB. Both feature high efficiency -up to 60 percent for the depressed-collector (CD) model.

Thales Electron Devices will also show Class A and Class AB pallets, and modules based on LDMOS technology, operating in both digital and analog modes. These pallets are the ideal building blocks for solid-state amplifiers integrated into UHF TV transmitters, typically 500 W to 30 kW.

For more information, visit Booth C5406 or go to

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