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Thai Broadcaster Chooses TVUPack Mobile Cellular Uplink Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.— BBTV Channel 7 has selected TVUPack mobile cellular uplink solutions to expand its live broadcast capabilities.

As one of the largest national broadcasters in Thailand, BBTV Channel 7 has become increasingly reliant on the ability to provide live coverage of events and news to its viewers. Over the past year, BBTV Channel 7 began testing a number of cellular uplink solutions in order to expand its live broadcast capabilities. Ultimately, BBTV Channel 7 selected TVUPack because of its portability, ease of use, flexibility and superior picture quality.

“We operate in a highly competitive market, and TVUPack gives us the edge, enabling us to report breaking news faster. Moreover, the TVUPack is not only easy to operate, but it’s easy to move between locations allowing for lightning fast setup and teardown during our live shots,” said Tassikorn Chalitpipul, News Department, BBTV Channel 7. “Whether it be a political disturbance or a tsunami, TVUPack’s portability lets us report the news in every environment, no matter the location.”

“With TVUPack, we can also use its store and forward functionality that enables our reporters to shoot and edit several packages in the field and use the aggregated data connections to send finished stories back to our server,” said Chalitpipul.

“We first used the TVUPack as we were covering the U.S. presidential elections, and we were able to broadcast live from the United States to Thailand for a fraction of the cost of a satellite truck,” said Chalitpipul. “On top of that, the TVUPack is so portable, versatile and easy to use that we feel we can go live from just about anywhere.”