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TF1 Grabs Grass Valley for Rugby World Cup Coverage

SAN FRANCISCO: French broadcaster TF1 acquired two K2 Dyno replay systems for replaying highlights during their coverage of the 2011 Rugby World Cup games.

K2 Dyno replay systems can be built from a K2 Dyno replay controller and either a K2 Summit production client or K2 Solo media server. TF1’s setup uses a K2 Summit and Solo with an external hard disk drive for storage, replay, slow-motion, loop record and play-list of the key action.

The system features instant repay in HD at variable speeds. It utilizes gigabit Ethernet networking, common file wrappers, continuous FTP bandwidth and standard IT storage connectivity technology.

“The K2 Dyno Replay System is so intuitive to use, with playlists, thumbnails, and the ease of switching from two programs to program/preview, meaning our operators need little training,” said Jean-Pascal Lefort, TF1’s head of studio department, in a press release. “It is performing very well and standing up to the rigours of the World Cup, having to create live replays for up to three games back-to-back.”

The 2011 Rugby World Cup runs through Oct. 23, and is expected to draw over 10 million viewers.