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TF1 adds Ticker Tool to enhance branding elements for 24-hour news channel

TF1 in France has added Chyron's Ticker Tool —a system driven by Chyron's Channel Box2 graphics branding and promo technology — to provide channel branding for LCI, the network's popular 24-hour news channel.

At LCI, the newly developed Ticker Tool drives creation of all channel brand elements including clock, logos and tickers for weather, stocks and news headlines.

"We needed a significant upgrade to our graphics presentations in order to stay competitive in our market," said Olivier Tremon, head of internal production at TF1. The addition of the Ticker Tool provides channel branding, animation capabilities and up-to-the-minute ticker information that operators can easily manage and modify, Tremon added.

The Chyron Ticker Tool offers a user-friendly interface for LCI to generate tickers and populate them with rolling content from third-party data sources for weather, stock prices, sports results, and other current and rapidly changing information.

For stories automatically built and updated from external data sources, such as stock market data, the Ticker Tool provides spellchecking, cut-and-paste from third-party application, and the ability to edit stories and modify layouts in a word processing environment. Bin-and-sequence windows enable operators to build and reorder sequences by dragging and dropping them from the bin, a time-saving capability especially useful when inserting breaking news information.

Chyron dealer MagicHour provided support for the implementation of the Ticker Tool and Channel Box2 system installed in the main TF1 broadcasting facility in Paris.