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Texas Instruments Moves Toward HDTV

The Associated Press reports that Dallas-based Texas Instruments (TI) is developing technology that will allow phone companies to offer high-definition television and voice over high-speed Internet lines.

The semi-conductor company said that the technology would increase the capacity of DSL, to make phone companies' broadband offerings more competitive with cable-modem service.

"It's a logical next step, but a lot of people haven't taken it," Pete Chow, TI's chief technology officer for DSL.

TI's new technology-Uni-DSL-involves building sets of silicon chips for DSL networks and corresponding chips for customers' homes. It is designed to raise the capacity of DSL enough to deliver high-definition television and other advanced video services along with voice and data to customers.

Chow said that TI plans to product the first chips in late 2005.