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Test and Satellite and Remote at the 2013 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS -- Broadcasters now have three choices for moving content: satellite, microwave, or IP connectivity. All three categories seem to be thriving, with microwave gear getting smaller and smaller, sat terminals now almost fit in your pocket, and video/audio steaming can be done from phone-sized products.

ABE Elettronica will show its the “RXS” Series DVB-S/S2 multistream receiver, featuring support for all modulation schemes and up to six different transport stream outputs. They will also show their DML series of DTV microwave links for fixed and mobile applications.

DAWNco will display their D5502 satellite receiver decoder for MPEG-2/4, DVBS, DVBS2, SD/HD operation, along with the latest in LNB offerings. Also look for their new BestBuddy-TurboS2 satellite signal level tool and satellite terrestrial interference filters for blocking interference from local radar and other sources.

Dejero will debut the LIVE+ VSET, a 1U vehicle-mount version of the company’s Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 transmitter. Designed for use with satellite and microwave trucks, the adaptive bit-rate encoder on Dejero’s LIVE+ VSET reduces latency and improves reliability of satellite video feeds.

Ericsson will showcase their AVP 3000 Voyager and RX 8200 receiver content acquisition tools. Features include support for multiple codecs (MPEG-2/4, J2K), low-latency mode, and UHDTV (4K) acquisition.

Sencore will show off their MRD 5800 receiver/decoder, an advanced modular receiver/decoder that supports H.264, MPEG-2, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, and 8-/10-bit decoding. Also on display will be the costeffective MRD 4400 SD receiver/decoder.

Viking Satcom plans to show their 3m, 3.4m and 3.7m motorized, dualaxis prime focus antenna systems, along with “Navigator” mounts that allow extended motorized azimuth and elevation travel. Also look for their four-port motorized C/KU feed unit that offers simultaneous reception of dual C- and Ku-band signal polarities.

Anton Bauer AB-HDRF Anton/Bauer will show the company’s compact and lightweight AB-HDRF RF system that transmits multiple cameras to one receive site. The unit provides 12 channels, and is powered by Anton/ Bauer Logic series batteries.

Boxx TV will demonstrate a new transmitter and receiver for airborne filming, working with a remote-controlled multi-rotor device at their booth. A new model of the company’s Zenith ENG system weighs less than a pound, uses H.264 encoding and is available in HDMI and HD SDI input versions.

Frontline Communications will show its SNV NT-7 vehicle which features a custom all-aluminum modular body, with 7RU of equipment space. Also showing will be the DSNG HT, a custom turnkey Ku-band DSNG-350 high-top vehicle. Also look for Frontline’s short wheelbase high-top and next generation broadcast vehicle.

IMT’s Nucomm Connect Live system Integrated Microwave Technologies will demo their Nucomm Connect Live COFDM and multi- 4G/LTE live video HD transmitter, along with their RF Central microLite HD receiver, and Nucomm Newscoder Rx4. Also on display will be the Connect Live aggregation server which incorporates multiple IP streams back into a single stream.

Screen Service Broadcasting will display their Omni- Link RadioLink 1024-QAM unit for fixed or mobile applications. Features include quasi non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and robust COFDM modulation.


BSI’s Real Freedom system incorporates next generation features into an integrated, wireless camera link and has a dramatically simplified user interface and setup. Also showing is the company’s Real Freedom family of components which offer the highest resolution and video quality available in a wireless camera system. They feature 1080p/60 operation along with 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling, H.264 encoding and DVBT2 modulation.

Cobham will preview their new “Solo Micro HD” transmitter, a matchboxsize unit that features 15ms latency and Cobham’s UMVL (ultra mobile video link) modulation. Also launching is the company’s new HD MPEG-4 IP encoder that’s easily connected to virtually any camera; and MediaMesh, a lightweight, rapid-setup field newsroom.

Comrex will showcase their LiveShot two-piece system, consisting of a cameramounted transmitter and rackmountable 19-inch receiver. The camera unit has Anton/ Bauer-style camera battery mounts and is designed to be placed securely between the battery and the camera. LiveShot uses H.264 HD video encoding and can also deliver SD video. The H.264-based system can use both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless connections

Dejero will debut its LIVE+ Mobile App for Android, which enables both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit high-quality HD or SD live video from select Android phones and tables.

DSI RF Systems will demo their NewsShark line of TV and radio products transmitting over cellular and Wi-Fi systems. Musicam, DSI’s U.S., Canadian and Caribbean distributor, will be in the booth exhibiting their Ikusnet portable IP video codec for content creation, distribution and delivery.

IHSE USA, LLC will highlight the Draco Extender Compact for HD transmission of DVI/HDMI signals with resolutions up to 1080p60. In addition, USB HID, USB 2.0, analog or digital audio and serial data signals can be transmitted up to 140 meters via CAT-5, -5e, -6 and -7 cables.

LiveU’s LU40-S handheld uplink device LiveU will show its LU40-S handheld, lightweight uplink device, which includes LiveU’s proprietary internal antenna for stronger connectivity and new live newsgathering features, along with LU-Smart mobile app devices. Also showing is the LU-Lite laptop video uplink device, LiveU Xtender external antenna, and LiveU Total Platform.

Pixelmetrix will display its Pelican video encoder that’s smaller than a 3.5-inch hard drive and is ideal for remote newsgathering, enterprise video, hospitality, government, education, and healthcare applications.

Streambox is partnering with Blackmagic Design in a soflware bundle involving the use of StreamboxME Pro for iPhone/Android, Streambox ME Pro for OS X, Streambox Media Player Pro and the Blackmagic Mini Recorder or Blackmagic Mini Monitor. The software can be downloaded to mobile devices or laptops and send live or file-based video directly to the Streambox Media Player Pro for immediate play-out. The company will also debut its Avenir Mini, a small camera-mountable mobile encoder designed for maximum mobility and flexibility. The Full HD/SD capable Avenir Mini delivers broadcast quality video using low bandwidth IP networks.

TVU Networks TVUPack Mini SE TVU Networks will showcase their modular TVUPack TM8200, which leverages multiple 3G/4G/LTE data connections to transmit broadcast-quality video. The TVUPack Mini, which weighs less than two pounds and can be mounted on the back of a camera or worn on a belt. Its sister product, TVUPack Mini SE is a fullyintegrated, purpose-built lightweight uplink solution for Sony XDCAM camcorders. Also at their booth, TVU Anywhere, the first fullyintegrated broadcast platform for mobile devices like cellphones and notebooks.

Vislink’s LiveGear AirStream Cellular Internet
Newsgathering transmitter
Vislink will show their LiveGear Air- Stream, cellular Internet Newsgathering (iNG) transmitter, along with the LiveGear LGR-1000 Cellular Internet Newsgathering receiver. and LINK L9801 Sony sidemount camera wireless transmitter. Also showing is the GIGAWAVE D-Cam clip-on H.264/MPEG4 HD digital wireless camera transmitter, and the Advent Mantis “MSAT” portable satellite data terminal.

Vitec will display its Optibase MGW Pico ultra-small encoder. It provides professional-grade full-featured HD/SD H.264 encoding and streaming with KLV metadata support. The pocket-sized unit consumes less than 5 Watts, and is offered either as a board device or with an enclosure.