Teradek Sphere Tangos With ‘Dancing With the Stars’

IRVINE, CALIF.—The Teradek Sphere hit the dance floor before its upcoming release to help stream 360 video of the “Dancing With the Stars” season finale. The Sphere, which is designed to compress, stitch and stream 360-degree video to the web, offered online viewers a 360-degree view of the main stage during the broadcast.

The footage was shot with four GoPros mounted on Teradek’s proprietary rigging system, allowing fans to pan all around the studio.

Sphere is a four-channel H.264 encoder that compresses and streams 4K footage to an iOS or OS X device for real-time stitching. The content can then be streamed to an online platform that supports 360-degree video. A second Sphere unit can be connected to additional camera rigs through a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Teradek plans to release the Sphere on July 1 at a starting price of $2,990.