Template-based Vizrt graphics popular with Latin American broadcasters

Colombia's RCN Television has purchased a Vizrt broadcast graphics system, including the latest versions of Vizrt's Viz|Artist real-time 3-D animation software, Viz|Content Pilot content management and control software, and Viz|Trio character generator system. The flexible platform has allowed RCN to create a new on-air look, including graphics and character-generated animations, for its four daily news broadcasts, sports programming and election coverage.

The new system allows RCN's designers to program and automate complex graphics and animations that connect to an external database, greatly increasing their productivity by reducing the time spent creating and completing projects.

RCN also used the Vizrt graphics system for Colombia's Congressional and Senate elections that took place in March, as well as the first round of the Presidential elections in June. The software was used to create all of the titling and graphics, including bars, pie charts and pictures.

Colombian television networks Canal Capital and Caracol have also recently upgraded their graphics systems with new Vizrt software. Canal Capital acquired Vizrt's Trio NV, an entry-level version of Viz|Trio for the production of all of its news programs. Caracol purchased a Viz|Trio character generator system to display statistics and election results in real-time during the country's March and May elections.

For more information, visit www.vizrt.com.