Televisa in Mexico Employs Tandberg D-ENG Backpack

Televisa, the largest broadcaster in Mexico, is the first network in North America to employ Tandberg Television's Voyager Lite, a backpack D-ENG, in its day-to-day, live broadcast operations. Voyager Lite is designed for wireless cameras and remote newsgathering and can make any camera operator an autonomous walking broadcast station.

The backpack combines Tandberg MPEG and COFDM technology and RF experience. It features variable bit-rates and is designed for professional broadcast applications, business TV and for filming events for Web streaming. The COFDM modulation enables the delivery of footage without ghosting or break-up in built-up urban areas or difficult terrain. The transmission system does not rely on line-of-sight. It weighs 4 pounds and uses 40-45 W of power.

Televisa plans to deploy Voyager Lite for use in live news programs, including sporting events and live concerts. Producers cited the product for enabling them to "create views now that were never before possible." So far the broadcaster has used the backpacks at a Mexican Soccer League game, a nationally broadcast telethon and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.