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Televisa Adds News Archive to Tedial Platform

FARNHAM, U.K.: Tedial announced that Televisa in Latin America, has further expanded its Tedial workflow infrastructure for its news archive upgrade project. Tedial’s archive now fully integrates with a Quantel news production system, which was installed in 2010 when Televisa launched its 24/7 news channel: FOROtv.

Once the news content production was well established Televisa began to analyze the best archive solutions to complement the Quantel system. It selected Tedial thanks to its tight integration with Quantel, which enables seamless use of the archive and the news production system.

Televisa required the news system to archive 100 hours of new media in SD (DV50-MXF) and 20 hours in HD (DV100-MXF) on a daily basis within a 10-hour timeframe. In addition to this, the system is able to retrieve 50 hours of SD and 10 hours of HD media daily through eight different specialized workflows. Since the first day of operation the Tedial system was able to archive 600 clips per day and has already built up a library of 100,000 assets in both SD and HD totaling 600TB of archived material.

For the second phase of this project, the Tedial system is going to migrate 140,000 hours of legacy content from an existing news archive stored in a Sony PetaServe. In order to do this the Tedial system has to convert metadata and audio files based on legacy Sony systems using proprietary formats into Televisa’s corporate format of DV50-MXF with PCM audio used by the new Quantel solution.

Prior to the Quantel integration Tedial’s MPM workflow within Televisa has enabled the integration of an Avid Interplay system used for program post production and Apple XSAN and FCP editing solutions used for sports production.