Telestream’s Wirecast software broadcasts live from anywhere

Webcasting has come a very long way in a short time. From Apple’s iPhone to backpack-bonded cellular devices, it’s now possible to go on-air live on the Web from virtually anywhere.

An example of this trend can be found in Telestream’s Wirecast and Wirecast Pro software, two new applications that allow live switching, production and streaming capabilities for the Web. Users can stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as prerecorded video, images and sounds.

The company’s new Wirecast 4.1 enables users to broadcast live interviews with remote speakers and guests with Wirecast Desktop Presenter, which now adds audio to existing video support.

Telestream has integrated the software with partners, including LiveU for its video-over-cellular transmission backpack; Teradek Cube to stream HD video over WiFi; Matrox Multi-Ingest to enable four simultaneous HD-SDI inputs; and Viewcast Osprey capture cards for professional, live broadcast environments.

Wirecast integration with the LiveU bonded 4G/3G video transmission backpack provides a portable solution that is ideal for live news, sports and entertainment. The solution allows users to either transmit live video from roaming LiveU backpacks to a remote Wirecast computer (Windows only), for editing and distribution from the main location or feed a fully-produced, single-camera or multicamera live show from Wirecast software to a LiveU backpack at any location for high-quality transmission (Mac and Windows).

This provides a more robust and resilient uplink than using a single aircard or a WiFi connection in the field, and offers a more affordable and flexible alternative to satellite uplink or Ethernet. LiveU integration is especially useful when combined with Wirecast Pro’s advanced live video production features such as virtual sets and scoreboards.

Wirecast Pro integration with Teradek Cube turns any camera into a wireless camera. Users plug any HD-SDI or HDMI camera into Teradek Cube to encode and submit camera feeds directly over WiFi to Wirecast.

Wirecast integration with Matrox Multi-Ingest capture card enables four simultaneous live HD-SDI inputs into Wirecast or Wirecast Pro for Mac. This is useful for journalists and videographers capturing and producing live broadcasts from the field using multiple cameras. It also solves the common challenge of how to efficiently add more camera sources to Wirecast software running on standard desktop computers.

Support for Viewcast Osprey video capture cards is also included in Wirecast and Wirecast Pro 4.1 for Windows. Integrated support includes Osprey 240e, 450e and 700e capture cards.

Advanced production capabilities include 3D graphics, transitions and built-in titles, which merge seamlessly with Wirecast’s layering system, allowing users to easily create live and on-demand broadcasts for the Web. When ready to go live, broadcasts can be streamed directly to live broadcasting websites using Flash, QuickTime or Windows Media.

The software integrates audio with video in Presenter and also provides support for Skype or any chat client. When combined with the software’s ability to display multiple camera feeds on a single screen, this allows users to see and hear multiple speakers or guests for news or video talk show programs.

Users can broadcast the desktop of any computer connected to the network during webcasts with Presenter, which is particularly useful for video gaming, training webcasts and product demonstrations.