Telestream Wirecast Records Municipal Meetings in Chatham, Mass.

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Digital media tools provider Telestream recently supplied its Wirecast software to Channel 18 of the Town of Chatham, Mass., to use as a town-wide system for recording municipal meetings and uploading them to the town’s website. The town reports that the videos received 10x more views after being posted online.

Ryan Darmon

Primarily used for live streaming, Wirecast features a production system that allows for recording. Channel 18 set up Wirecast in six conference rooms around town to capture and post footage from all municipal sessions. Each system includes a Dell Precision T1900 running Wirecast software, and a Sony Evi-D camera. Sennheiser goosenecks, crown ceiling microphones and table-installed Beyer Dynamic boundary mics are added depending on room requirements. Mics run through Shure mixers into Osprey 260E video cards in the Dell PCs, and video runs directly into the cards.

Since the installation of the Wirecast system, views have gone up from 30,000 to 340,000, according to Ryan Darmon, Channel 18’s media coordinator.