Telegenic Grows NVISION Stock

Telegenic, has taken delivery of another NVISION 8500 Hybrid digital video/embedded audio router from Miranda for its new 3D capable outside broadcast truck.
Outside broadcasting company Telegenic recently purchased another audio router from NVISION for use in their newest 3D truck.

The NVISION 8500 hybrid video/embedded audio router was ordered shortly after an installation of the same model device in one of Telegenic’s other 3D trucks. The 8500 is designed to handle de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding in a single frame. Advanced Hybrid router cards with audio processing reportedly can be mixed with standard input and output cards to minimize costs, without shortchanging functionality.

“Miranda is using the very latest technology in its router”, said Simon Unsworth, vision engineer at Telegenic, in a press release. “It’s almost a generation on from its closest competitor in terms of 3D future-proofing. It delivers the work of three separate devices in a single frame, thereby saving space and eliminating video/audio timing issues.”

The truck, known as T21, will be deployed to cover sporting events, concerts cinema work and festivals for the rest of 2011.