Telecast Fiber Systems to show Viper II 6000 Series

At IBC2006, Telecast Fiber Systems will launch the 6000 Series of RoHS-compliant Viper II modules, power supplies and frames. This includes products for analog video, two or four analog audio plus data; an SDI/HD-SDI transport; bi-directional SDI/HD-SDI transport; dual-stream HD; SDI plus dual AES; and a reclocking HD-SDI distribution amplifier.

Also on display will be the G2 CopperHead‚ a camera-mounted fiber optic transceiver. The G2 CopperHead line is based on the company's popular CopperHead system (patent pending), and is modular in design. It's available in, and convertible to, several configurations including 40-pin SD, 50-pin HD-SDI, component/composite analog ENG and digital by simply changing input/output “sleds.” Certain models include signal-processing capabilities from Miranda Technologies in a compact camera-mounted adaptor that connects directly between the camera and its battery.

Also new at IBC is an SMPTE cable amplifier/repeater. The SCAMP is an optical repeater and power amplifier for SMPTE 311 hybrid cables. It can be installed in the middle of a cable run, serving as an optical repeater deriving power from the SMPTE cable. Equipped with inline optical power meters, the SCAMP becomes an effective tool for monitoring and maintaining SMPTE fiber systems and infrastructures.

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