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Tektronix Adds RF Measurement Interfaces to Transport Stream Monitor

Tektronix announced expanded RF input options for its MTM400 MPEG transport stream monitor. The MTM400 now supports RF monitoring and testing for COFDM (for DVB-T terrestrial broadcast), 8PSK (for satellite broadcast), QAM-B (for U.S. cable) and 8-VSB (for ATSC terrestrial broadcast). This enables the MTM400 to monitor MPEG transport streams at both RF and digital interfaces without the need for a separate DTV demodulator.

Todd Biddle, vice president, video product line, Tektronix said that accurate monitoring and analysis of MPEG transport streams is critical in delivering optimum quality of service.

"The MTM400 now provides RF support for virtually every worldwide DTV standard. The combination of high performance RF and MPEG monitoring allows customers to proactively detect signal degradation caused during transmission and distribution. The MTM400's excellent performance provides critical RF measurements such as MER and EVM, which are key early indicators of signal degradation that could be a prelude to visible picture impairment," he said.

For more information, see the Tektronix MTM400 product Web site.