Tegna, BeckTV Partner on New Master Control Facility

Tegna Stream Center
(Image credit: BeckTV)

AUSTIN, Texas—Tegna recently partnered with systems integrator BeckTV on the design, installation and integration of all systems for a new master control operation, the Tegna Stream Center. This new facility uses a cloud-based hub-and-spoke approach to serve all Tegna stations.

The Tegna Stream Center is located in Charlotte, N.C., and supports more than 225 channels across the country, with more than 50 spoke-racks deployed at distributed locations (Tegna owns 64 TV stations in 51 markets).

The hub-and-spoke master control approach enables group-wide monitoring and multicast streaming over the Tegna private WAN. More than 500 originating multicast streams travel on a private LAN to facilitate monitoring and operations of all stations, BeckTV says.

Additional features of the Tegna Stream Center include redundancy of all streams to prevent internet connectivity and equipment failures, and design homogeneity across station types and requirements.

To build the Charlotte facility, BeckTV integrated equipment like Evertz baseband and IP routing and control systems; Crispin automation control system, file ingest and distribution systems; a Harmonic master control playback server, graphics system and switcher; TSL hub audio monitoring equipment; and a Clear-Com IP-based intercom.

“With the growth of our company and station lineup over the last several years, it was time to build a next-generation technology infrastructure that could support our current and future needs," said Bill Nardi, vice president of station operations, Tegna. "Thanks to our longstanding partnership with BeckTV, we knew they would be the perfect choice to help us take on this project. BeckTV has been instrumental in helping us build the Tegna Stream Center, a best-in-class master control facility that creates streamlined workflows through a centralized operation.”

For more information, visit www.becktv.com (opens in new tab).