Technicolor opens test center to evaluate digital cinema components

Technicolor Digital Cinema opened a large digital cinema research and equipment testing facility at its campus in Burbank, CA, March 8.

The mission of the Technicolor Digital Cinema Test Center is to evaluate the performance, reliability and functionality of digital projectors, servers and related hardware from major original equipment manufacturers.

The extensive testing is intended to identify projector and server configurations to be deployed during the Technicolor Digital Cinema’s commercial beta test to begin in the first half of 2006 on 200-250 screens across North America. Following the successful completion of the beta test, Technicolor Digital Cinema plans an initial deployment of a complete digital projection system in up to 5000 DCI-compliant screens over the next three to four years.

The new test center houses small and large screening theaters serviced by various digital projectors, servers and distribution and networking components being evaluated.

The company’s engineers will examine each device to determine if it can handle core digital cinema operations, including subtitle display, simultaneous playout and movement, inter-server movement, automation, 2K and 4K interoperability, alternative content playback, remote management, 3-D capabilities and on-screen advertising integration. Equipment also will be tested for ease of distribution and back-of-house systems integration.

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