TBS HD Picked Up Quickly for Baseball Playoffs

TBS, which has exclusive broadcast rights to the ongoing playoff series for Major League Baseball, is finding its new HD channel (simulcasting with its regular TBS outlet) being snatched up quickly by many content distributors as the road trip to the World Series continues.

TBS HD said it was picked up most recently by EchoStar’s Dish Networks, following ramp-ups on DirecTV, Comcast, Cox Communications, AT&T U-verse (fiber), Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems. (More cable firms are expected to add the channel to their HD menus this week, possibly in time for both leagues’ pennant series which begins on Thursday, Oct. 11.)

However, not all major cable markets will be getting TBS HD in time for the playoffs. In Phoenix, where the home team Arizona Diamondbacks are in the race for the National League pennant, as of Oct .10, Cox Communications had not yet added the HD channel to its Phoenix lineup.

Beyond baseball, TBS HD plans to air most of its off-network series in HD, too, including “Sex in the City” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.”