Targeted, addressable advertising is at hand, says Concurrent VP Paul Haddad

The company’s Everstream system is poised to help the ad community reach IPTV, mobile phone, cable and Internet audiences with information about viewing preferences that will better allow them to target their ads
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The holy grail of advertising in a digital age may be the ability to identify information about the viewing preferences of individual members of an audience, collect and organize that data without compromising the privacy of audience members and offer that information to advertisers for targeted ad buys.

Whether it’s from an online, IPTV or mobile phone audience, or for that matter a combination of the three, collecting such data gives marketers the ability to rifle in on the precise audience they desire rather than taking a shotgun approach to advertising.

Paul Haddad, VP and general manager of Concurrent’s Everstream, says his company is putting the pieces in place to allow advertisers to do just that. With Concurrent’s Everstream system, service providers can collect data, correlate it to make it useable and hand it off to those in the ad community who want a way to reach select members of an audience with addressable, targeted advertising. I spoke with Haddad to learn more.

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